Football Season Is Upon Us

So today I am here to talk all about the 2015 NFL season and about how preseason starts today. I can not be much more happier and excited than this. This is mostly one of the days that you wait for all year. Well everyone wants the entire regular season to start, but we all still get excited to see our teams in action for the first time since either the end of the regular season or by being knocked out during the post season. The past few years within the NFL have been really crazy. We have seen a few teams do great one year and completely bomb it the next. Each and every year some new team has a completely new advantage at some position on the field. This previous off season, the entire country was shocked to see that the New Orleans Saints would go on to trade off Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks. Like really? Is that what you think of the guy? The guy was a giant threat, not only to every defense in the NFL, but he and Drew Brees played extremely well together and we just don’t understand why anyone would want to give him up. Especially to a team that already has a high caliber offense already. Maybe there is a ton more going on, but I don’t exactly know what was going on inside anyone’s head when they were like, oh yeah?! Lets trade him to Seattle, that is a perfect idea! Like who the fuck in their right mind would ever even consider that? Maybe people are getting paid left and right in order to keep their mouth shut and just make the trade happen. I would think that someone got paid a ton of money to make that happen. Someone on the staff was pocketed a hefty penny and no one is going to run their mouth at this point. It was just a major upset and we are still out here just trying to figure the crap out.

football stadium

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Food! GUMBO!

I will be happy today to share something with you all that I hold near and dear to my heart and you might think it is very funny, but I will tell you all something that I appreciate as one of the best foods on the planet. GUMBO!! Has anyone ever been to south Louisiana around the Cajun Heartland? This little area is located around the South Louisiana city know as Lafayette, Louisiana. Around various portions of the city you can find some of the most delicious restaurants and dinner locations. Most of these locations serve hand crafted, authentic family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. I have visited this city a few times over the past few years and mainly I always stop by if I am passing through. I have a few friends that I keep in contact with from my visit to Baton Rouge that I spoke with all of you in one of my earlier online post. Now does anyone know what real gumbo taste like? Or has anyone ever tried it before? I can guarantee to all of you that if you have had it in some other state before then you haven’t had real gumbo. Some people are like isn’t it like tomato based?! Like WTF is that? I have tried it at many restaurants along the cost in places such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Mississippi and I have never had anything compare to the gumbo I tried at a friends house when I was down there.

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Visiting Far From Home

So one of the next things I feel like talking about before I get down to the logistics of what my website is all about and how I designed things this way, is that I want to take a moment and talk about a really great experience I had with a girl that I had met while I was in college. I went off to visit a friend by the name of Sophia, and Sophia was a very bright and beautiful girl that came from a really nice and nurturing family from Northern California. I had the experience of visiting San Francisco and was able to meet some of her friends and family. These people loved to invite people and after Sophia had told her family about my family and how I ended up here in the United States, they decided to meet me and hear my story. Although at the time, Sophia and I were just really good friends, there wasn’t much going on between her and I. Her family still was very open and considerable when they had sent a limousine service out to get us from the airport as we were flying in. It was very pleasing to know that there were other great people out in the world that wanted to help you out and make you feel as close to home as possible.

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My First Post!

Hey everyone! Hows it going? So hopefully you were able to read my about page to see what I have to offer and if you haven’t then please be sure to check it out here! But if you haven’t then I will be happy to give a brief summary of what I have to offer here and maybe why you might be confused about what I’m doing. So of course my name is Steven and its just my American name that I go by because people get my real name wrong all the time and at a very young age, maybe around the age of 8 or 9 I believe, my parent’s decided to give me an American name to help with the transition into the American way of life. I moved here around the age of 7 and I can still vaguely remember what it was like to be home. The country was beautiful and from what I understand, my parents come from a wealthy family over near India and this will lead for the reason of me choosing exactly what air-india-express means!! So at a very young age I would always ask my mom why is it that we moved to the United States and she would always say air India express and I was always like what does that mean? So far it means a lot to me in my life and here is exactly why!

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