My First Post!

Hey everyone! Hows it going? So hopefully you were able to read my about page to see what I have to offer and if you haven’t then please be sure to check it out here! But if you haven’t then I will be happy to give a brief summary of what I have to offer here and maybe why you might be confused about what I’m doing. So of course my name is Steven and its just my American name that I go by because people get my real name wrong all the time and at a very young age, maybe around the age of 8 or 9 I believe, my parent’s decided to give me an American name to help with the transition into the American way of life. I moved here around the age of 7 and I can still vaguely remember what it was like to be home. The country was beautiful and from what I understand, my parents come from a wealthy family over near India and this will lead for the reason of me choosing exactly what air-india-express means!! So at a very young age I would always ask my mom why is it that we moved to the United States and she would always say air India express and I was always like what does that mean? So far it means a lot to me in my life and here is exactly why!

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